What are the benefits of implementing a wellness program in my company?

By Michael Aust | Last updated: January 17, 2019

Incorporating a wellness program in your organization will keep your workers healthy and help promote workplace safety and health. Workers who are healthy will call in sick less frequently, conduct their job task more efficiently and have an overall improved morale. Promoting health in the workplace is an investment that pays multiple dividends to the worker themselves and for the employer who promotes and coordinates a wellness program.

Many employers are able to offer incentives such as rewards or discounted insurance rates for coverage through a wellness program.

Below are a few more benefits of implementing a wellness program in the workplace:

  • Healthier workers are productive workers, happy workers, dedicated workers.
  • It makes it clear to employees that the employer cares about their personal well being and that their actions have an impact on the company and their family.
  • Absenteeism and sick leave costs will become lower. The healthier a worker is, the less likely they are to become sick, as their immune system is stronger.
  • There will be an improved sense of employee morale and loyalty to the company. This is especially true with incentives to decrease insurance rates which promotes a team environment to accomplish various wellness goals. Everyone within the workforce has ‘skin in the game.’
  • Build camaraderie within the workforce at all levels. A wellness program encourages activities that workers can participate in together such as a walking club or going to the gym.

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