What certifications are available for employees involved in drug testing?

By Elly McGuinness | Last updated: May 31, 2021

Certifications for employees involved in a workplace drug testing program are not mandatory. However, there are several benefits associated with certification. It provides added support to employees who are involved in the administration of a workplace drug and alcohol testing program. The commitment to professional development through certification should extend to competency within the employees specified job role and also a sense of recognition from inside the workplace.

The Certification Commission for Drug and Alcohol Program Professionals (CCDAPP) is the only independent third party certification provider for drug and alcohol professionals. They aim to improve the knowledge and skills of those who are providing drug and alcohol testing services to the public [Find out more in "What is CCDAPP and why is it important?"].

The CCDAPP recommends certification for a number of roles within a workplace drug testing program. These include:

[Find out more about certification requirements and recommendations in "Everything you need to know about drug testing certifications"].

There are two main certification routes within CCDAPP. The first is for Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrators (CSAPAS). This is a general certification for those who are working with multiple federally mandated drug and alcohol testing programs.

The second is for Certified Drug and Alcohol Program Administrators (C-DAPAS). This avenue is for those who have experience in working with testing programs in one modality. The different branches of this certification are for the following modalities:

  • Motor Carrier
  • Pipeline
  • Transit
  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • US Coast Guard (USCG)

All the exams for CCDAPP are available online or at various locations throughout the US.

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