What factors might prevent a worker from taking a spirometry test?

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What factors might prevent a worker from taking a spirometry test?


Spirometry testing typically includes a health history form to help determine if the person taking the test has any medical conditions that could affect their performance on the test. This could include a recent surgery, or something as simple as a cold or bronchitis. The spirometry technician will decide whether to perform the test by determining whether there are any safety issues for the subject and whether their current condition could skew the results of the test. We're pretty adamant that subjects be in good health when they take the test. The maneuver itself isn't just taxing on the respiratory system, it also creates pressure inside the head and behind the eyes, so it is important to technicians to eliminate any potential safety concerns for the subject. Typically, people are advised not to take the test if it's unsafe to do so or if their current health could lead to inaccurate results.

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