Where does urine sample collection take place under DOT testing rules?

By Work Place | Last updated: January 29, 2019

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has created a set of procedures that outline each step of its workplace drug testing process. Collectively, these procedures are known as 49 CFR part 40. They cover all sectors of the federally regulated transportation industry.

Subpart D covers collections sites, forms, equipment and supplies used in DOT urine drug testing. This section contains the details of where urine collection for DOT drug testing must take place.

Details are summarized below:

Urine specimen collection must take place at a site that meets the standards and requirements set out by DOT.

These include:

  • The required personnel, equipment and facilities to cover the steps from specimen collection through to shipment of the specimen.
  • A suitable facility for urination. Ideally this is a private, single-toilet room. Alternatively, as a second option, a multi-stall restroom can be used.
  • If a single-toilet room is used, a hand washing source outside of the toilet room is preferred. If this is unavailable, water sources and substances that could be used to alter the specimen must be secured.
  • If a multi-stall restroom is used, water sources and substances should again be secured. Toilets must either be secured or have bluing agent added to them. Alternatively, a monitored collection can be carried out.

A urine specimen collection site can be located within a medical facility, a dedicated collection facility, or a mobile facility, as long as it meets DOT requirements.

Looking for further details on DOT's workplace drug testing procedures? Find out what materials are used during urine specimen collection, and what materials are used to send urine specimens to the testing laboratory. Employers should also know these eight things about DOT drug and alcohol testing.

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